English Tuition Service

What kind of private English tuition do you currently offer?

  • One-to-one English tuition from age 10 - 18. Delivered by a specialist Adspiro tutor.
  • Online Tuition - Launching in January 2018.

Our expert English tuition service is tailored to each individual student and focuses specifically on their learning needs. 

Our select group of tutors work with students from year 6 right through to year 13 on areas such as literacy, understanding texts, exam preparation and coursework.  

What makes Adspiro different?

As a parent you are investing your money and trust which is why we only offer you tutors who are fully qualified, DBS cleared and highly competent teachers who we know can provide you with an outstanding level of service. We are not a tuition agency so you can be assured that the tutor you have is specifically trained to deliver learning in the Adspiro way. 

As a company we strongly believe that education and personal wellbeing go hand in hand. With this in mind we will actively support your child to minimise their negative stress and feel positive about their learning goals. 

Is there anything extra included in the fee?

All students who work with us on a regular basis are provided with their own personal Adspiro progress file, a welcome pack with exclusive materials and 'invite only' access to our secure Facebook tutor group packed with study tips and advice. 

We'll also provide you with an ongoing report on your child's progress.