Expert School Services

How can Adspiro support your school?

At Adspiro we recognise that all schools are under increasing pressure to ensure students make their expected progress, particularly those in disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.  

We therefore offer schools the opportunity to hire our Principal Tutor Jude Vale  to work with students who need additional support in English on a one to one or small group basis. 

How can the academic coach help our students?

It's a fact that many students in year 11 and year 13 underachieve because they lack the organisation, emotional coping strategies or motivation to achieve their very best. 

Our expert academic coach is available to lead coaching workshops and/or one-to- one sessions with those students who may benefit from additional supportive intervention.This is a great way to inspire and motivate those students who are feeling overwhelmed, disaffected or stressed by their studies. 

If you're keen to train your staff to be student coaches then we also offer a half day CPD workshop. 

We have a limited budget. Is Adspiro expensive?

We can offer schools a very competitive rate and guarantee that our tuition and coaching prices are lower than that of expensive recruitment or tuition agencies. If you choose to work with us we can assure you of an excellent service at a realistic price. Our local reputation depends on it. 

Our services are ideal for pupil premium, transition and catch up funding.